Again, ignore that since the sample size is small we should use the t distributi

Again, ignore that since the sample size is small we should use the t distribution, just go ahead and use the normal distribution and it is good enough.. Amore Frozen Foods case is about SPC(Statistical Process Control). every operations has to deal with the acceptance of any batch of productions/services. Most of the time when you produce a batch of goods, you can not afford to examine every one of your production. So you have to pick a few(a sample) and examine those and then decide to accept or reject the whole batch based on what you find out about the sample. That is also the case when you receive a shipment from your vendors. This is SPC. Even though when we review the Central Limit Theorem I stated that in order to be effective, we usually need a sample size of at least 30 before we can assume that the sampling distribution is normally distributed, but in the Amore Frozen Foods, based on the nature of the filling process, we can assume the sampling distribution as being normally distributed, even with a sample size of only 5. So you don’t need to use the Student-t Distribution and go ahead with the Normal Distribution instead. In the Amore case, your decision is whether to switch back to a fill-target of 8.22oz or stay with 8.44oz. Please try to compare this with the Lorex case. In the Lorex case we just use the original population distribution, but in the Amore case, we use the sampling distribution because we are using the value of a sample
8253308Whenlimits. =8.22 and the 2 sigma UCL = 8.44 About 95% values will be within control When filling is at 8.22 with a s.d. of .11 only 2.5 % values will not meet specification. (that is…

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