Aggregate Planning at Frito Lay


You’ll have to finish a case study assignment in Module 8.

Watch the following YouTube videos in addition to reading the introduction paragraph on Frito Lay on Page 518 of the textbook.

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The links can be copied and pasted into your browser. Answer the following queries after watching the aforementioned videos:

Has it been suggested that Frito Lay used mathematical planning? Please elaborate.

How was accurate labor scheduling aided by aggregate planning to cut down on total operational costs?

Was Frito Lay adopting the aggregate planning option of capacity or demands? Please elaborate.

Think about Frito Lay’s operations if they didn’t ever employ aggregate planning techniques.

In order to set up a facility the way Frito Lay did with aggregate planning, what stages would you design?

If you were the CEO of Frito Lay, is there anything you would have done differently?

Who should be in charge of planning the aggregate?

What are some tactics you’ve picked up from this situation?

Submission: The plan must be 4 pages long, without counting the title or reference pages, and include a thesis statement in the introduction and a summary of the important points in the conclusion. Each paragraph should begin with a topic sentence that is followed by three to five sentences that provide more information, justification, and examples. The proposal should be devoid of typographical, grammatical, and other mechanical problems. The plan should also be formatted according to APA standards, which call for Times New Roman, 12-point type, double line spacing, and one-inch margins. The filename for the assignment submission should be LastName_FirstName_CaseStudy2.

The opening line of the textbook is as follows:

Like other businesses throughout the world, Frito-Lay depends on efficient aggregate planning to match the capacity of its 36 North American operations to shifting, multi-billion dollar demand.
The core of aggregate planning is planning for the intermediate term, which is defined as 3 to 18 months. High plant utilization is achieved through efficient aggregate planning, stringent scheduling, efficient maintenance, and efficient employee and facility scheduling. High utilization is a crucial component in establishments like Frito-Lay where significant capital expenditures are made.

Jay Heizer and Barry Render (2013-03-29) 11th Edition of Operations Management, Page 518. Edition for Kindle of Prentice Hall


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