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 AHVS 121 Winter 2021 Assignment 11
 As per the course outline, this assignment is required for all students (i.e. it must count as one of your 6 total for the term) Read back over the course learning outcomes; consider your progress against those measures. Think back over the course (consult your lecture and tutorial notes, etc. as necessary) and consider some of the larger course issues concerning ways of seeing in relation to your expectations for, and experiences of, your visual world. As always be analytical about your choices and develop the implications of your statements: 
-What work of art/visual culture (architecture, painting, multi-media piece, sculpture, etc.) stands out in your mind as the one you feel you’ve learned the most about, or now have a greater appreciation for? What is it that caught your attention? Why? -What is your favourite work from among those we’ve covered in the class? Why?
 -Thinking back on the semester, is there any art period/culture/style/object that you feel you can approach differently now, based on what you’ve learned in the last three months? Why? – Are you more confident in your ability to apply visual analysis to the images you encounter? Why or why not? – What about your ability to see meaning in the subtext of visual imagery? Consider the issues about art, power and society that we have encountered over the last weeks of the course. Is there anything that has enriched your approach to your visual world? Discuss.
 – Do you feel more comfortable talking about visual culture? Why or why not? – What about your writing? Have there been any benefits to this training? In particular, has your writing practice informed your visual approach? Why or why not? Taking those questions into account, provide a short, self-reflective analysis of what you have gained from your studies. Be positive. This course is a lot of work and you have encountered a great deal of material – here’s a place to give yourself a pat on the back for it. Note: we’re not looking for praise or criticism of the course
 – this is for you to consider your own development in knowledge and/or skill. You are learning how to take advantage of your own learning opportunities. What are you taking away with you? Write a brief analysis, minimum 750 words, 



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