Also, &nbspcould you give us something that compares and contrasts the various &nbsptypes of teams?

The course scenario stated the following relative to this assignment: As  happens on occasion, there were some factors that had an effect on  company profits, but the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Jared Smith, was  in a position to focus on several internal strategic areas, including  structure, work design, motivation, conflict, and company culture as a  whole.

To stay profitable, the company had to eliminate several  management positions in an effort to flatten the organizational chart.  Many of the responsibilities fell to the employees, and many people  resisted the change.
As the economy recovers, CMA continues to rebuild. Since 2012, the  company has been divided into a functional structure that includes four  departments: Research and development (R&D), marketing, production,  and finance.

Each department is headed by a vice president who has  responsibility over each of the functional areas. The company currently  sells components to computer manufacturers. As technology continues to  advance, the CMA R&D department and its vice president, Kevin Adams,  are feeling pressure to keep up with the competition. However, because  of the differentiation and separation between the departments, the CEO  is concerned that communication is hampered.

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You as the OB consultant had a training and development session about  teams with the managers that went very well, so well that the  participants expressed a desire to have some of the information that you  discussed to be available in writing so they can reference it, as  needed. One person wrote the following in the post-session  questionnaire: The information I got during this training was very good.  I’d like to have something I can read about the different types of  workgroups and teams you talked about during the training session. Also,  could you give us something that compares and contrasts the various  types of teams? Jared, the CEO also wants your recommendation on which  types of groups and teams you think would work most effectively at CMA.

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