write a 5 page paper (double-spaced, in a 12 point font Times New Roman, and one inch margins) on a model health program.
Paper should include the following sections: 1) Cover page, 2) Abstract, 3) Main body of paper, 4) Conclusion, and 5) Citation page. Cover page and Citation page are extra pages and are not included in the 5 pages of the body of the paper. Assignment should be uploaded on the BB site to receive credit.
Steps to complete assignment: Locate a model health program (Alzheimers, diabetes, chronic diseases, physical activity, arthritis, depression, stress, etc.) oriented toward older adults and describe it in sufficient detail. What is the most innovative or interesting component of the program that involves older adults? Why do you think so? Does the program satisfy the curiosity of interested older adults? To successfully complete this assignment you DO NOT HAVE TO visit the organization offering the program. Google search some articles, journals to get information about such programs in the community and draft a paper, use flowcharts, table etc. along with your write u


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