American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA)

week 5 dis

The eighth principle of the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) Code of Ethics states that a health management professional shall “represent the profession to the public in a positive manner” and shall

· “8.1. Be an advocate for the profession in all settings and participate in activities that promote and explain the mission, values, and principles of the profession to the public” (American Health Information Management Association House of Delegates, 2019, “Principles and Guidelines” section).


Select Option 1 or Option 2 below (you do not need to complete both options), and create a three- to six-slide PowerPoint presentation that addresses each part of the prompt for your selected option. Attach your presentation to your post. You do not need to record your presentation.

Be sure to include details of your bulleted information on each slide in the notes section in paragraph form with correct grammar and sentence structure.

The Writing Center provides a  How to Make a PowerPoint Presentation  (Links to an external site.)  resource that will be helpful in guiding your creation of your presentation.

Option 1: AHIMA Advocacy

Prior to beginning work on Option 1, complete the following:

· Review the latest AHIMA Advocacy Agenda from the  AHIMA & Advocacy: Advocacy Priorities  (Links to an external site.)

· Choose one agenda topic that is hyperlinked and provides more information than the one-sentence summary. All of these topics have been summarized into one sentence.

In your presentation,

· Summarize the selected agenda topic in two to three sentences and in your own words.

· Explain whether you support or do not support the advocacy of the agenda topic.

· Identify one leadership strategy that could be used to gain buy-in for the agenda topic at an employee, managerial, administrative, or higher level of your choosing, regardless of support or non-support of the topic.

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