American Heart Association

I am using American Heart Association organization

Phase IV: Service Delivery Plan and Human Resources Plan
1. Service Delivery Plan
Outlines the method by which your service will be delivered to clients or customers
It is a statement of what resources are needed in terms of both personnel and other assets to be
Outlines the critical points in the clinical service delivery process
What to Include
Service delivery methodology: what methods will your organization use to deliver
services-this can be an outline
Flow Chart of delivery service, delivery sequence, and timing requirements
Human Resources
1.Organizational Structure/staffing Plan
Clinical (full time vs. part time)
Non-clinical (full time vs. part time)
Job descriptions-brief
Roles and responsibilities-brief description

Describe the competitive market and develop an effective marketing plan for a healthcare organization.

Describe the evolving health services industry structure and explain the role of marketing in healthcare organizations.


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