An analysis of the industry
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Complete your individual assessment of your chosen industry/sector for your future career. Produce a report that addresses:

· An analysis of the industry/sector and its key features

· Profiles of 3 companies who operate in this industry/sector

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1 industry leader, 1 emerging company, 1 company at risk

A justification of your selection of companies and why they are leading, emerging and at risk

Each company profile should consider:

· The external environment of the company

· Their customer base as well as their position in the market

· The financial performance indicators

For coursework
Guidelines (not to be used rigidly)
For 1500 words a target of 10 separately identifiable references:

Approx 3 from textbooks
Approx 3 from professional sources (in auditing this will include International Auditing Standards)
Approx 2 from government or regulatory sources (this will include the UK Comb2ined Code of Corporate Governance)
Approx 2 general sources including the internet (be careful), press articles or commentary, real company information

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