An Educational Plan to Improve Management of Diabetes Residents in Largo MD Implementation and Evaluation of Diabetes

Based on your Community Health Promotion Plan, create a community education flyer or bulletin that can be used with your plan to make community members aware of the intervention. This can then be shared with the agency that you worked with. Be sure to use language that a non-medical person would understand. Be creative, and explore different types of software that you can use for your handout. 



1.   Quantity and Timeliness: Completes original posting by the initial deadline as stated in the syllabus and responds to two peer postings.

2.   Knowledge of discussion topic, course content, and applicability to professional practice: Posting demonstrates clear evidence of knowledge of discussion topic and course content. Post applies to professional nursing practice.

3.   Clarity and Coherence: Few or no grammatical mistakes; cites references.

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