“An understanding of (Company X’s) international business operations”

Group evaluation (50% of the final grade)

Presentation of a group poster: 15 minutes

the third day of December 2015

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Create a case study and poster presentation in your group. Any company with sizable worldwide operations is acceptable. You might come across various intriguing concepts at http://fortune.com/global500/, out of which your group will need to select one to concentrate on.
Giving “An insight into the international business activities of (Company X)” is what the poster should do.
Although the scope of this assignment is meant to inspire creativity, reality is crucial. You should review the topics covered in the course and consider the essential elements and procedures of international business. Consider what makes the company you’ve chosen unique in terms of global trade. You should think about the aspects of international business that your organization excels at and could enhance. Marks will be given for presentation, accurate concept utilization, current research, and corporate analysis. The poster can only be shown on a single PowerPoint slide and must be done so in an attractive manner.
By 5 p.m. on Wednesday, December 3rd, a copy of the PowerPoint slide containing your poster must be emailed to your workshop tutor. Please make sure to include the names of every team member and the date and time of your workshop session in your email. A 10% mark deduction will be applied to your grade if you don’t provide a copy of your poster by the due date.
Fair Play: Each group member is expected to be proactive and to contribute completely to meetings and the creation of the coursework. Contact your workshop tutor right away if a group member is missing meetings without a justifiable excuse, submitting poor work, or acting confrontationally.

Students will assess their groupmates’ efforts and contributions through peer marking. According to the teaching team’s discretion, a student may receive a lower grade for this piece of work if it is determined that they did not contribute in a suitable manner to their group.

You can get more advice and information from your workshop tutor or from the course handbook.

Pages 22–23 of the course handbook PDF, which is attached, provide information about the assignments.

The MN1205_poster examples PDF that is linked contains examples of posters from 2014.

The attached Presentation Feedback template PDF explains how groups are judged on the effectiveness of their presentation.

The poster can only be shown on a single PowerPoint slide and must be done so in an attractive manner. Ten minutes of each presentation will be followed by five minutes for questions from the other workshop attendees.

Please be sure to include a clear outline of the presentation’s structure so that we can finish in the allotted 10 minutes, as well as adequate research materials in addition to the presentation slide itself so that our group can respond to audience queries.

Please read the description and the PDFs that are included; they contain all the necessary information and have enough content. Sony, Adidas, and Nike came to mind in our group, but we don’t want to place constraints on ourselves and produce a mediocre presentation.

Visit http://fortune.com/global500/ to uncover some intriguing suggestions.



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