analyse and interpret information, ideas, themes, and arguments

The Kite Runner Paper instructions: given the category below, write a literary analysis. Your work should reflect the following processes: ¢ analyse and interpret information, ideas, themes, and arguments ¢ apply knowledge of essay structure to organize your essay, using: o an introduction that engages the reader’s interest, introduces the thesis or controlling idea, and previews the organization or content of the essay; the thesis should be stated in the first paragraph of an introductory paragraph and is revisited throughout the essay o a body that develops ideas logically and coherently and incorporates well-chosen, relevant evidence to support each idea; the body of the essay should have at least three central arguments, each with their own paragraph (and you may use umbrella argumentation if you wish to use more than one paragraph per argument; see Mrs. Stasel if you have questions about this), and that each support the thesis and provide elaboration/analysis o a concluding paragraph that succinctly crystallizes the essence of your essay ¢ select and use specific and relevant evidence from a close reading of The Kite Runner to support your interpretations, analyses, and arguments. Use quotations to illustrate each of your central arguments (1 quotation per paragraph recommended) ¢ describe how Hosseini uses rhetorical and literary devices, such as caricature, cliché, foil, hyperbole, imagery, antithesis, paradox, to enhance the meaning of texts, and how he develops characters and themes in order to create a voice appropriate to the purpose and audience >>Category<<: Symbolism: Explain the significance of the following symbols in The Kite Runner: kites, writing (as in composing short stories, writing fiction, writing journals) and family bonds Characterization: Compare 3 of the following characters and analyse how the different characters, when looked at together, reflect the themes (of the book/course) Amir Hassan Baba Rahim Ali Assef Soraya Sohrab

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