Analytical Compare and Contrast Short story essay

1. Minimum length: 500 words; Maximum: about 750 words, typed onesided, doublespaced (except
block quotes), Times New Roman Font; 12pt Size.
2. Students MUST make use of a MINIMUM of SIX quotes (including at least ONE long or block quotes,
which should be single spaced) from the Two Short Stories you are writing on (Three from EACH story).
A MINIMUM of THREE quotes should be taken from EACH story. Put the name of the Short Story in
brackets () after each quote. e.g. (Joyce). Since you are quoting from etexts you will not be able to include
page numbers for the the quotes. Use the following forms for the names of the short story writers:
Mansfield, Joyce, Macleod, Marquez, Hawthorne, Welty. Students who fail to make effective use of
quotes in their discussions will be penalized. A paper that does not include any quotes may receive a
failing grade. For instructions on quotations, see the Handout from EWCS, 6th ed., pp.503-520, which is
available in eReserves, and (BUT
remember to single space long or block quotations.)
3. Be sure to include a proper title preferably on a A Separate Title Page, with the title on the top of the page
and your personal information at the bottom.


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