Analyze and summarize the financial statement effects of transactions

The focus of the curriculum is to provide students with the background for careers in public, private, or governmental accounting as well as advanced study. 5. STUDENT OBJECTIVES: • Explain how business transactions can be stated in terms of the resulting changes in the basic elements of the accounting equation • Analyze and summarize the financial statement effects of transactions • Journalize entries for accounts requiring adjustment • Prepare a work sheet • Journalize entries for purchases and sale of merchandise • Prepare a bank reconciliation and journalize any necessary entries • Journalize entries for the allowance method of accounting for uncollectible, and estimate uncollectible receivables based on sales and on an analysis for receivables • Compute the cost of inventory using the following costing methods: FIFO; LIFO; and average cost • Compute depreciation using the following methods: straight-line method, units-of production method, and declining balance method • Prepare journal entries for short-term notes payables; journalize the entries for issuing stock 6. STUDENT PREPARATION: It is important to understand that taking an accounting course will be a challenge for you. You must not get behind! Read the chapter before coming to class and endeavor to complete all assigned homework problems before each class meeting. Please spend the time necessary for you to be successful. If you are having trouble with the material, talk to me immediately. It is almost impossible to pass if you wait until the night before an exam to get ready. I cannot over emphasize the importance reading the material before each class meeting. Prepare! Prepare!! Prepare!!! 7. UNIVERSITY ATTENDANCE POLICY FOR ALL STUDENTS: . 8. INSTRUCTOR TARDINESS POLICY: Tardiness is equivalent to an absence unless the instructor excuses it at the end of the class period. The student must take the initiative to seek an excused late entrance. 9. POLICIES: a) Student Code of Ethics/Conduct Students should be familiar with the Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct adopted b) Email – Students in the College of Business are required to utilize the e-mail account assigned to them by the University. It is the student’s responsibility to activate the account and keep it current. Your instructor will communicate with students via the GSU e-mail system. 10. ACADEMIC DISHONESTY From page 25 of the Student Handbook: The University functions best when its members treat one another with honesty, fairness, respect, and trust. Students should realize that deception for individual gain is an offense against the members of the entire community, and it is their responsibility to be informed of University regulations on Academic Dishonesty by reading the catalog. It is a duty of faculty members to take measure to preserve and transmit the values of the academic community in the learning environment that they create for their students and in their own academic pursuits. To this end, they are expected to instill in their students a respect for integrity and a desire to behave honestly. They are also expected to take measures to discourage student academic dishonesty, to adjust grades appropriately if academic dishonest is encountered and, when warranted, to recommend that additional administrative sanctions be considered. EXAMPLES OF ACADEMIC DISHONESTY 1. Cheating: possessing unauthorized sources of information during an examination; copying the work of another student or permitting copying by another student during an exam; completing an assignment such as an exam, paper, lab report, or computer program for another student; submitting material produced by someone else;

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