Analyze at least four potential solutions to the problem.

You are working for the Arizona Association of Educators, a
professional association that has 1792 members and is preparing for
a major membership drive in 6 months. The mission of the
association is to support teachers in Arizona. This mission is
supported by three goals:
Advocate for members in the state legislature.
Provide continuing education for members.
Support both members and the community by matching requests for
tutoring with teachers who are expert in those areas.
The association has only existed for 2 years, and, until now,
has kept all of its records using Word and Excel. They have two
full-time staff members who maintain the membership information,
including any changes to membership status (professional,
provisional, and student), changes in contact information,
participation in association educational events, and participation
on various boards and committees, in addition to creating various
reports that are required. The association also maintains a
tutoring referral service for its members, tracking the areas of
expertise, age level, and charges.
Errors are common, and some are embarrassing. The association is
expecting to more than double its membership during the membership
drive, and realizes its current systems are not capable of meeting
the needs of a larger organization. Therefore, the association has
hired you, a Java/web development expert, to manage the
update/redesign to its systems prior to the kickoff of the
membership drive.
You immediately recognize the need for a database to store the
membership, event, and volunteer data so that entering, updating,
and reporting the data can be quick, accurate, and flexible. The
board of the association has specified that any proposed solution
must meet certain criteria and have assigned weights to those



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Solution 1

Solution 2

Solution 3

Solution 4

Tie to Association Mission and Goals


Supplier Support


Initial Cost


Net Present Value


Return on Investment


Payback Period


Realistic/Attainable Technology


Usable by Current Employees


Potential Employee Support


Ability to Be Fully Functional in 6 Months


Weighted Project Scores


For this portion of the assignment, you will need to:
Analyze at least four potential solutions to the problem.
Include build-your-own, purchased, and outsourced solutions.
When your analysis is complete, fill in the chart with the
appropriate values for each of your proposed solutions.
Calculate the weighted project score for each potential
Include your NPV/IRR/payback spreadsheet as an appendix to your
Use a discount rate of 11%.
These calculations will need to be submitted as an appendix to
your recommendation

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