Analyze data

You will analyze and present the data that you and your classmates collected for one of the Data Exercises for the term project. You may select any week’s Data Exercise, and your paper must be 5 pages long and double-spaced. In this work, you must mention at least three expert sources. A physical anthropology professional journal article or an article from any science publication that covers physical anthropology counts as a professional reference.

Create a hypothesis based on the data that YOU obtained after deciding which Data Exercise you want to write up. Analyze that data set after combining your data with that of your peers. Make a summary of the data using charts or tables. Is your hypothesis confirmed or refuted after you aggregate all the student data collected?

You can either construct a website where you display your data and simply put the URL into the editing box below, or you can paste your finished paper into the box.

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Use the following format to structure your paper:


This should be a succinct summary of the subject of your essay. Both the topic matter and a hypothesis should be included.
?Materials and Procedures

?Typically, a researcher will explain how (s)he collected her (or his) data in this part. Results:?

You should present your findings in the section titled “Results.” While using narrative to describe your data, you should also use graphs or charts to present your conclusions. Although it is optional, you can post images to ETUDES even though this is not always possible.

Here, you assess the data’s findings and draw a conclusion about whether your hypothesis was confirmed or refuted. You explain what you believe the facts to signify and why in this area. Any references you utilize to back up your interpretations should be cited. This section should contain a thorough examination of the data in relation to previous studies on the subject.


Put your paper’s summary here. Make any final thoughts and recommendations for additional research in this area. For instance, if you picked one of the weeks when primate behavior was observed, you would want to discuss how the zoo’s environment may have influenced your data’s findings.


Every paper you produce ought to have a bibliography that lists the informational sources you used. Include the publisher, title, date, and author. Any sources you list in the bibliography must also be referenced in the body of the work using the format (Author, Year) in parentheses. A college research paper needs at least three scholarly journal articles.



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