analyze how the organization enables risk management through the use of technology

Part 1: Week 3 Interim Report

Continue your research on the selected organization, focusing this week on the use of technology in mediating organizational risks. Based on your research, analyze how the organization enables risk management through the use of technology and include your analysis in this week’s Interim report.

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act significantly increases the responsibility of CEOs and CFOs in attesting to the integrity of their company’s financial statements. In the face of this increased responsibility, CFOs are enhancing their ERM practices and are making significant demands for more detailed internal management reports and other information from business managers. Their focus is on increasing transparency within the organization to reduce unpleasant surprises.

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Review documentation on the organization you selected. In particular, research the annual statements as required by Section 404 Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, on internal controls and mediating risks. For the interim report this week, you should explain what the organization does to mediate risks, and discuss internal controls and associated risks.

Part 2: Presentation

Prepare a 10–15-page Microsoft PowerPoint presentation that summarizes your findings over the last three weeks on your selected organization. You may choose to access previous submissions, along with this template.

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