Analyze models of intervention by choosing and comparing two intervention models.

Signature Assignments are those assignments chosen by the WNMU School of Social Work faculty to evaluate a student’s ability to demonstrate the CSWE-mandated core competencies and related practice behaviors. In aIDition to measuring student competency, the assignments are used as indicators of program efficacy. Signature assignments are clearly identified in all School of Social Work syllabi.
Students must demonstrate competency in order to pass each course. Students must complete all signature assignments throughout their program of study. Failure to complete a signature assignment in any course will result in automatic failure of the course, and will result in a referral to the Student Performance Committee for possible re-evaluation of School of Social Work admission.

For this assignment, students will apply critical thinking to inform and communicate professional judgments. Students will analyze models of intervention by choosing and comparing two intervention models. In this assignment, students must:
Thoroughly describe at least two treatment models, including information about the evidence that supports the use of the model to assist clients with problems.
Provide a thorough comparison of the two models, including strengths, criticisms, and potential weaknesses of the models.
Provide a thorough description and comparison of the role of the social worker using each model.
Provide a thoughtful comparison of the perspective of the human condition (how does each model see people and their problems?), and the approach for problem solving used in each model.
Provide a thoughtful comparison of how tasks for improving the client’s problems are assigned or completed.
Communicate a preference for a perspective/model/mode of treatment that is based on information learned through this assignment.
Write a paper limited to no more than 6 double spaced pages using Times New Roman 12 point font.  In aIDition to the textbook, in your discussion students must include two scholarly sources for each model.
You must use APA style, including double spaced. Be sure to review the grading rubric before you start writing so you include all the required components.  This paper is to be written in APA format with appropriate running head, page numbering, title page (which does not count towards the length of the paper), headers/sub-headers, academic citations and references for

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