Analyze the problem and list its components.

For this first essay, the interview essay, write a paper that focuses on a problem that you have encountered—either in society, your workplace, home, or in some other identifiable and observable space. As part of the paper’s evidence and analysis, you must incorporate an interview with someone who is experienced in the problem area. For example, if the topic is marketing, you could interview a product representative, a business owner, or a marketing manager. Your paper will recommend a solution to the problem.
To successfully complete this project, you will be expected to:
1.Incorporate quotes and information from the interview as appropriate to support the paper’s statement.
2.Describe a locally focused and solvable problem that is interesting to a general audience.
3.Analyze the problem and list its components.
4.Describe solution(s) to the problem.
5.Provide evidence in support of the solution(s).
6.Describe the locale of the problem and the interview.
Your paper should be at least three pages, have an introduction, quotes from your interview, a conclusion and interspersed and have a transcript of the interview at the end of the essay.. Include the interview in the essay, but intersperse it, do not put the entire interview into the paper.
Make sure to work with all 6 of the criteria above. You will be graded o on how well you follow the criteria above for this assignment. So, follow all of them carefully. Just add quotes form the interview here and there. It is the first research you will do for the three papers you will write for this course.
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