Analyze the rise of victimology. Evaluate empirical data regarding crime victims. Explain the victims contribution to crime.

Analyze the rise of victimology.

The required readings for this week explore the circumstances that increase the likelihood that youngsters and the elderly will become victims of crime, as well as how age and ability-related vulnerabilities affect victimization. Consider how you prepared for the Week Six deadline for your Holistic Victim Restitution Plan. Pick at least one area of your research that either caused you to reevaluate an opinion you previously held about the state of victimology research or that allowed you to disclose an unexpected finding during your investigation. Think about how your viewpoint has evolved with respect to the criminal justice system’s ability to address victimology, your comprehension of victimology theories, significant federal court rulings on victimology, victimology-related issues, the development of a socially just society, and potential career opportunities.

You must consider whether your opinions have changed and how you intend to apply this new perspective to your present or future professional endeavors in your holistic victim restitution plan reflection.

Examine the expansion of victimology. Analyze empirical information on crime victims. Describe how the victim contributed to the crime. Comment about the victimization reaction of the criminal justice system. Describe your ideas for a comprehensive victim restitution approach. The Reflection on the Holistic Victim Restitution Plan

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Must be two double-spaced pages long (excluding the title and references pages) and prepared in accordance with the Ashford Writing Center’s guidelines for APA style. A separate title page is required, with the following information: Name of the essay, Name of the pupil Name, and number of the course Trainer’s name submitted date. In addition to the course material, at least three scholarly sources must be used. All sources must be cited using the APA style, as recommended by the Ashford Writing Center. Must include a separate references page that is formatted in accordance with Ashford Writing Center’s APA guidelines.



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