analyze the sources of power within the organization and how the organization engages the public

Organization context-for this section you, will integrate the history of United States Commission on Civil rights and describe the impact of the US Constitution on public administration. You can find this information in the article of the Federalist Papers. Legal Foundation-for this section, you can move beyond the constitution and consider the legal basis for the organization. This might include administrative laws that regulate the organization, or it might include laws related to the establishment of the organization. Connection to Public Service-consider how the organizational culture embodies a public service ethos Ethical Issues or Dilemmas-describe a past or current ethical issue or dilemma the organization faced, or potential dilemma it needed to manage. describe how ethical issue might have been addressed to avoid an ethical breach. Management and Leadership-consider the formal and informal leadership structures of the organization. Power and Civic Engagement-analyze the sources of power within the organization and how the organization engages the public. Accountability-describe how the organization maintains responsibility to its stakeholders or constituents. Intergovernmental Relations-explain how the organizations coordinates efforts with other public or private entities and the challenges that are faced in intergovernmental relations. Public Financial Management and Budgeting-analyze how financial management and budgeting occur in the organization and what impact budget objectives have on that organization’s public service mission. Challenges, Opportunities, and Trends-consider how challenges, opportunities, and trends may impact the organization internally. Also consider how the organization might impact social change (externally)

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