analyzing a health related human right issue in specific country

analyzing a health related human right issue in specific country
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Essay structure:

Setting :
Very briefly describe some key features of the country or region e.g. population size, development indices (e.g. GDP) and relevant aspects of geography (e.g. urbanisation, migration)

Describe briefly the population demographics including age profile, ethnic mix, life expectancy, literacy levels and morbidity/ mortality indices e.g. infant and maternal mortality rates, leading causes of death, and key trends (diseases that are rising in prevalence)

Description of the Issue:
Briefly describe the health-related human rights issue you think is of concern. Give evidence for its prevalence and impact. Discuss any key measures or indices relevant to measuring the importance and effects of this health-related human rights issue.

Legal and Policy Frameworks:
Describe critically the relevant legal and policy frameworks prescribing the political and healthcare norms relevant to your health-related human rights issue. Refer as appropriate to national and international sources of norms and policy, including any accountability mechanisms.

Describe the (positive or negative) interventions which have been proposed (and applied?) to deal with the issue. What evidence is available to evaluate the impact of these interventions?
The Role of Healthcare Professionals:
Describe how health care professionals understand and respond to this health-related human rights issue, both in daily practice, and through professional associations and networks. What impact, if any, do education, awareness raising initiatives, and professional discipline have on professionals’ practice here?

Analyze the key strengths and weaknesses of the response to the health-related human rights issue you have described in your essay. Draw comparisons with other countries or regions and suggest reasons for the differences.

After summarizing your key points, continue your analysis by suggesting three ways in which the health-related human rights issue you identify could be dealt with more effectively and more justly in your country or region could be improved, and how this might be undertaken.

Harvard style. Include 25-30 references.

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