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To finish this paper, you must complete three assignments.

1. In your final research paper, you will have the chance to relate your years of study of international relations at FIU to the course material. The topic is completely up to you. A good discussion topic will draw on the texts and lectures for the course. The best way to come up with a research topic is to go back to the knowledge you have acquired while attending FIU and start to review those areas using the fundamental material we have discussed this semester. The final paper will not have a page restriction, so you are not creatively constrained. You must devote all of your focus to your subject, your research question, and any pertinent foreign relations issues. Double spacing, a 1-inch margin, and size 12 font should be used in both this draft and the final product.

The paper proposal includes the thesis statement, facts, and sources. Avoid deviating from the article’s proposed topic and refrain from endorsing the Venezuelan regime.

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Many people in American and Latin American nations have seen the evolution—or revolution, as the Partido Socialista Unido de Venezuela wants to call the entire transformation of Venezuela’s political structure over the last 17 years—firsthand. The world’s largest oil reserves, the largest population in the region (27 million), a stable democracy that dates back to the 1960s, and a prime position are all assets of this nation, one of the wealthiest in the region. Why has this nation become the most unjust in the world in the eyes of the Venezuelan people? Has democracy merged with Marxist communism, or has this political development been affected by China’s impact on the region’s economy and Cuba’s patriotism in shedding its imperial yoke?
In this research project, we will look at a number of themes in order to better understand how Venezuela’s society, economy, and political institutions have changed through time. Instead, we will concentrate on the elements that contributed to the transformation of the political system using the two separate ideologies of democracy (Western) and communism (Eastern). We’ll also look into whether China and Cuba’s presence in the area has aided in the emergence of a lawless state.
The topic’s significance to international relations is notably distinctive. Since it began 17 years ago, several nations in the area, including Nicaragua, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, and Ecuador, have copied Venezuela’s political movement. With strong ties to this ideology and significant government support from Venezuela, the revolutionary group FARC might persuade Colombia to follow the same political course.

“King Ashoka,” by Iqbal Akhtar 4013 INR Lecture. FIU’s Modesto Mandique, who is from Miami, September 1–3, 2015. 2015, August to September
Javier Corrales and Michael Becerra In the Tropics, Hugo Chavez’s political economy of the revolution in Venezuela Arias, Fernando Reimers. ” 2011 Brookings Institution Print.” Washington, DC. This essay is about “Education, Discrimination, and Political Options in Latin America in the 21st Century” in 2000’s Iberoamerican Review of Education, volume 23.
The Burgos family “Cuban Paralelisms in the Bolivar Revolution,” 2006, p. 29: 29–71, Revista Venezolana de Ciencia Politica.
I’ll be using a few of these websites to do my research. However, a couple of Venezuelan historian Oscar Yanes’ films, which are well-known, will be included. The sources I’ve provided are necessary to begin the project since they will provide us with enough background information to create a thoughtful answer. For instance, the history of King Ashoka can be used to understand how early Western concepts of governance originated. We shall study political philosophy from China and Eastern Europe as a result of the communist revolution’s influence in Venezuela. Fernando Reimers’ essay on Latin America’s attractiveness in the twenty-first century will have an effect on the region’s educational system. Most crucially, Chavez’s understanding of the changes in the twenty-first century and the framework he developed for the chaos will be stabilised by The Dragon in the Tropics.

Only books published by university presses or peer-reviewed magazines are permitted; newspapers like Newsweek or the Economist are not acceptable. One assigned reading must be included in your annotated bibliography.



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