And how would you improve creativity and innovation in your team?

These are the questions that you are required to answer, in written form, as preparation for an upcoming job or promotion interview:Your application indicated that you participated in personality training as a part of your MBA degree. Based on the results of your personality test, what do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of your personality type in relation to effectively leading and managing and what are you doing to overcome the potential disadvantages?This is a high-pressure organization and we must overcome obstacles and setbacks to achieve results. Often, this means that members of senior management might take a demanding and confrontational approach. Given these circumstances, how would you manage any negativity, not be overwhelmed by stress and remain resilient?As you know, we are a multinational enterprise and whilst the diversity of our employees is a huge advantage we sometimes experience cross-cultural communication breakdowns. What would you do to ensure that there is clear and open communication between your team members operating in different countries across multiple cultures?We have been struggling to motivate a group of employees who work in our Research and Innovation Unit, even though we recently gave them a 12% salary increase! What would you do to improve their motivation, and why would you take that approach?We believe effective communication is essential in order to influence others in a positive way. Could you explain how you would influence someone in a more senior role that your ideas are highly valuable to the organisation?Innovation seems to be everyone’s buzz word, including ours, but I think we could be doing better in this area. What do you think might be holding us back? And how would you improve creativity and innovation in your team?

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