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Important Components



Needs to be improved.

Not Clearly


Major Components

Contains all of the essential components and specifications and provides numerous examples to support each component.


includes the majority of the essential components and criteria and uses numerous examples to clarify each component.


includes some of the essential components and specifications


excludes all of the essential components and demands



Analysis and Inquiry

gives a thorough analysis that shows full comprehension of several subjects


provide a thorough analysis that shows that some concepts have been fully grasped.


gives a thorough analysis that shows mastery of even the most basic principles


doesn’t offer a thorough analysis



Application and Integration

The principles from the course are all properly applied.


The majority of the course’s topics are applied correctly.


Some of the topics from the course are used correctly.


Applying any of the course ideas incorrectly



Critical Analysis

reaches intelligent conclusions that are convincingly supported by examples and evidence.


reaches well-informed findings that are supported by facts


draws reasonable conclusions but fails to support them with proof.


does not make logical inferences




efficiently incorporates a wide range of academic sources that show the depth and breadth of the research.


This includes some academic sources that demonstrate the depth and range of research.


contains very few academic sources that adequately reflect the depth and scope of the research.


excludes scholarly sources that show the range and depth of the research.





There are no formatting, citation, or grammatical problems.


Minor grammatical, spelling, and style problems as well as citation errors


Several citation, organizational, and grammatical errors


Significant grammatical, spelling, stylistic, and citation errors



Paid Complete:



Without the Works Cited section, the paper should be 5–6 pages long. It must be formatted in MLA style with double spacing, a 12-point font, and indented paragraphs.

Please include the proper header and a title on the document. Everybody will be graded.

The author’s last name should appear in internal citations.

The list of works cited is formatted by last name first and has its own page. Employ a noodle bib!


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