Annotated Bibliography

The purpose of this paper is to research and explore the life of a notable individual, organization, or movement of your choosing that is associated with the Christian tradition. The figure/movement may come from any time period of Christian history. Your paper should research, discover, and discuss the figure/movement’s historical context, origins/foundations, developments, ideologies, practices/rituals, influence on society, and significance to the Christian tradition.

As a research paper, you must find and utilize appropriate academic sources. To aid in this process, you must write a brief annotated bibliography on at least 5 secondary scholarly sources AND at least 1 primary source, writing 3-4 sentences per source discussing what the source is and how you intend to use it for your paper. Secondary scholarly sources include peer-reviewed journal articles, specialized (not general) encyclopedia articles, and academic books.

Make sure proper sources are used: below is access to the Fsu libraries database ..other databases can be used but this is my university.

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