answer 2 questions from a case in management class

The assignment has to be typed (cannot exceed a single page, 11 font, single-spaced) and submitted as a Word document

what is the topic and the questions??

eBay: We will go over the topic of diversification in class, where we will talk about related and unrelated types of diversification. Based on this, answer the following two questions as bullet points:

  • What is a conglmerate?
  • How would you classify eBay?As a related diversified firm? As a conglomerate? Give 2 reasons for your conclusion.

I have uploaded the eBay case ( please read it before you answer the questions) and the notes about diversification ( also read it because it will give you an idea about diversification and conglmerate.

please do your best, this assignment is very important to me

good luck


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