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Respond to the following questions in the text box. The questions here apply to the statistical test you submitted to the problem just prior.

What would your conclusion be, after performing the ABOVE test? (1 point)

When you finished your analysis, you were asked by a math-challenged colleague to explain the logic of this particular test. To be specific, you were asked, “What are you doing?” and you replied, “I’m doing a test to see if there are differences between two groups”. Your colleague then said, “I never was good at math but I’m a pretty logical guy. Can you please explain to me the logic behind how you would do a calculation to determine if there’s a difference between groups?” You reply, “Of course” and then continue with an explanation of the logic behind the test.  Please write your response here and emphasize how the logic makes sense. If you use numbers at all, they should be only for illustration. (5 points)


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