Anth 1: Hominin Research Paper Due Tuesday 11/24/2015 before 11:00 p.m.
This assignment is worth 40 points

The Research assignment this semester is for you to write a short paper (4 6 pages) on a topic that interests you about human evolution. You must use at least five reliable sources for this paper. Use the college library databases, the course textbook, reliable websites (.edu or .org). Include an APA-style reference page that contains full citation for every source used to write your paper (no annotations).

Choose one of the following topics:
1) Modern non-human primate models for early hominin behavior: Which (if any) of the modern non-human primates work best as a model for early hominin social behaviors? This topic might include a comparison of available food sources, habitats, body sizes, social systems, etc.

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2) Homo floresiensis: is this a separate early species or just a microcephalic version of modern humans? This topic could include discussion of brain development and comparison of other physical features between H. floresiensis, H. sapiens and H. erectus.

3) Compare and contrast the hominins that lived about 2 million years ago: H. habilis, H. rudolfensis, H. naledi, P. boisei. In your opinion, which (any or all or none) appear to be ancestral to modern humans?

4) Compare and contrast the hominins that lived during the past 500,000 years in various regions of the world: H. erectus, H. heidelbergensis, Archaic H. sapiens, H. neanderthalensis, Denisovans. In your opinion, are these distinctly separate species or could they be regional versions of the same species?

5) Were Neanderthals “human”? This is a far-reaching topic that could cover many different aspects of what it means to be “human”.

This assignment is a persuasive argument paper. In order to write a persuasive argument, you will have to decide your position on the subject. Critically assess the evidence for your chosen topic and discuss your thoughts in essay format.

Your paper must have an introduction, a clear thesis statement and a conclusion. Your thesis statement must appear at the end of your first paragraph. Your conclusion should demonstrate what you think about this subject. You might agree with current scientific interpretation of the evidence or you might disagree. The point of this paper is for you to state your position and back it up with research evidence.

DO NOT copy or paraphrase from Wikipedia,, Enchanted or any
similar tertiary source. DO NOT use any blog source or Internet student-generated sites to gather
information. DO NOT plagiarize or paraphrase other peoples work in any form. You will receive a “0” on this assignment if any part of it is plagiarized.

1) Name, date and topic in top left corner of the first page NO TITLE PAGE, NO ABSTRACT..
2) Double-spaced, one-inch margins, 12-point font, spell-checked and proof-read for correct grammar.
3) Organized and logical flow of information presented in support of your clearly stated position.
4) Four full pages minimum, six-page maximum.
5) Use in-text citation every time you use a statement or concept from any source (textbook included).
6) All sources must be referenced in APA format on a separate sheet. Papers without a source page will lose 5 points.

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