In this class, you are introduced to a variety of research topics and ideas that are confined within and expanded around the field of anthropology. For this paper, you will be asked to pick one concrete topic that relates to biological anthropology. By no later than March 25thyou must provide me with your topic, via email. I have to approve this research topic to decide whether or not it is acceptable. You will not be given any credit for a topic that is not related to physical/biological anthropology.

This paper is to be written in scientific format, completely non-narrative. I expect the upmost professional approach in your paper, and will deduct a minimum of 25 points for any paper that exhibits heavy bias or opinion-based language.


KEEP IN MIND: Science papers are written in a style that is exceedingly clear and concise. Their purpose is to inform an audience of other scientists about an important issue and to document the particular approach they used to investigate that issue. This is different than your typical English or Social Studies paper.


Below, I have listed some research topic ideas as well as the rubric of how I will be grading the papers. The final copy is to be turned into CLASS to ME by NO LATER than ________.



Example topic Ideas:


You will be required to read Garrett Hardin’s Tragedy of the Commons (1968). What is the tragedy? What is the main perspective this author holds about the current state of the human species? What are his main concerns and how does one of the concerns, ie, the freedom to breed , a massively difficult undertaking for humans to achieve (as according to the evolutionary perspective?


How is bushmeat decimating the great apes throughout southern Africa? What is being done to stop the extinction of chimpanzees, bonobos, and gorillas? How does Life History Theory interject with conservation efforts?


According to Nesse (text can be found online or in library), Why do we get sick? What are the evolutionary implications in how we understand illness and disease? Why would understanding evolutionary theory be valuable when understanding diseases such as HIV/AIDS, Malaria, and TB?


IMPORTANT: If you attempt to turn the paper in late, you will receive a ZERO. If you attempt to submit a paper that is unrelated to this course, you will receive a ZERO. Follow the instructions VERY carefully.



You have the option of my full review prior to the due date. I will review and make edits of your paper. In order for you to receive feedback, a rough draft of your introduction and methods must be turned into me no later than April 14

Due dates:


March 25th, via email: You will submit your topic to me in the form of a research question and/or statement. This must be well-formulated, and not simply I want to write on monkeys . I will expect a research question/statement format, and a sentence on how this topic relates to biological anthropology. Make sure you use proper email written format, addressing the recipient (Professor Zeoli, Katie, Professor Katie) and a salutation (Sincerely, Thank you, Best, etc.) followed by your name as it appears on my roster.


April 14th: Optional rough draft review.


May 28th: Final paper due.



(2-3 pages)

Your topic should be formulated as a question(s) you would like to answer.

Formulating your topic into a question will help you write easier and find more information with regards to your specific interests. However, if your introductory statement flows best as a sentence, then so be it.

In your Introduction, you will provide the thesis statement and references to support it.


Why are Orangutan’s disappearing? How is their pending extinction influenced by the Palm Oil Industry? How are U.S. Americans indirectly impacting their habitat?



(1 page)

You must find at least 3 peer-reviewed articles that help answer your question. These articles must be credible, preferably from academic journals. For example, magazines such as People and OK are NOT CREDIBLE SOURCES. Some databases, such as JSTOR, PubMed, and LexisNexis will lead you in the right direction. I will also allow for you to do a Google Scholar search as well. Please visit the SCC librarian if you need assistance. I prefer articles no older than 15 years.

You will need 4 sources, total. One may be your text. The other 3 must be from peer-reviewed scholarly articles.


Results and Discussion

(varies, but typically 2-3 pages)

You will write (articulately and with little to NO bias) your findings. Was the answer or information you found surprising?

In this, avoid any statement that starts with I think , I feel , I believe .

On average, 800,000 Americans purchase palm oil products per year. These products are knowingly extracted from the Bornean Rainforest.


References, APA style

(1 page)

You must have at least 3 peer-reviewed articles cited throughout the paper (and a 4th). Since you are using someone else’s work, you must cite him/her. I will know if you plagiarize.

Citation website: .



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