Antigone Play

 Description Compile a ten-source annotated bibliography in the MLA format on the play, Antigone. Your articles can analyze ideas that relate to characters, practices, individualism, gender roles, and any other important concepts that relate to the play. Do not use any dissertations. All articles must generate from journals. Do not copy any of the sources’ abstracts to their articles. Write your 6 to 7 sentence summaries in your own words. Use sources from EBSCOHOST, not googled sources. All critical sources must come from journals or books of essays. Each critical article must analyze a certain concept of the play, Antigone. All summaries to each entry must be at least 6 to 7 sentences in length. Write the summaries in complete sentences, present tense, and do not use contractions. A journal entry and a book of essays entries’ citations are documented differently. No late assignments will be accepted under any circumstances. You can access University Libraries under the Helpful Links module that I have provided for you. If you read your databases, you will notice that they are separated by disciplines. For example, Academic Search Premiere is a multidisciplinary database; JSTOR is one as well. You have many other ones to use on EBSCOHOST. Take your time to research. Use a variety of databases to complete this assignment. The 2016 MLA format must be used to document your bibliography. Additionally, read the helpful links that I have provided to assist you in writing your summaries. Each summary must include the following items: Generally, an annotation is approximately 100-300 words in length (one paragraph or 6 to 7 sentences). However, your professor may have different expectations so it is recommended that you clarify the assignment guidelines. An annotation may include the following information: A brief summary of the source The source’s strengths and weaknesses Its thesis and conclusions Its relationships to other studies in the field An evaluation of the research methodology (if applicable) Your personal conclusions about the source The Purpose of an Annotated Bibliography The purpose for finding sources other than your own ideas is to strengthen your ability to write about literature and to know what other scholars in the field say about the literary selection. Another reason to conduct research on the literary work is to substantiate your ideas and to learn how to incorporate other scholars’ ideas in your research paper, using the 2016 MLA style of documentation. Never use websites as sources in your research paper nor Wikipedia as a source. They are not reliable.

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