Applied Psychology Research Ecology
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Applied Psychology Research Ecology
Applied research in psychology is conducted, among many other uses, to discover ways to encourage people to use environmentally friendly behavior. Earlier in this unit, you read the article “Shaping Pro-Environment Behaviors.” Search the Capella University Library and the Internet for additional ways that applied research in psychology is used to promote pro-environment behavior. You might also be interested in exploring, a Web site from Volkswagen, for ideas for this discussion.
For this discussion, complete the following:
• Discuss the concept of the “tragedy of the commons.” How does the lack of awareness of the problems created by overconsumption of resources contribute to the tragedy of the commons?
• Present some ways that applied research in psychology is being used to raise awareness and promote ecologically sound behavior.
• Describe an idea of your own for ways to promote ecologically constructive behavior or for applying the ideas from the research you explored.

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