Apply all three theoretical frameworks Such as( FUNCTIONALISM, CONFLICT THEORY, AND SYMBOLIC INTERACTIONISM) to the topic of “ poverty”

 Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to engage the student’s understanding and application of theory within the realm of sociology. In demonstrating this understanding, students are required to apply the perspectives of ALL 3theoretical frameworks (Functionalism, Conflict Theory, or Symbolic Interactionism) to a social problem of the student’s choice (Racism, Sexism, Pornography, Poverty, Unemployment, etc.). Students should choose from a topic that has been discussed in class at any point. Instructions: In order to successfully complete this assignment, students are required execute 3 tasks. Topic Introduction: The introduction consists of not only naming and defining the topic, but also explaining why the topic is important to analyze in society. Why should the reader care about this topic? What are some of the effects this topic has on society? If we ignore the importance of this topic, how could it negatively affect the society in which we live? STUDENTS ONLY NEED TO COPLETE ONE DO NOT COMPLETE A TOPIC INTRODUCTION FOR ALL THREE FRAMEWORKS. Introduction of Theory:Students should choose which theory she/ he feels best explains the importance and effects of this topic. In doing so, students are expected to explain the basic premises of this particular paradigm (theoretical framework). What does the framework say about society and how society operates? Students are expected to be clear in their explanation of the framework of choice. How would this theory explain the phenomenon or topic of choice? Please reference the class text and lecture notes to obtain information regarding the theoretical frameworks/ paradigms. Personal Example:In this section, students are expected to demonstrate a personal application of the topic and framework of choice. Students are required to use a personal observation or experience that explains how the theoretical framework of choice best applies to the topic. A personal observation can be something the students observe personally, while an experience would be something that directly involves the student. Conclusion: In this final section, students are required to choose one of the theoretical frameworks they feel fits best to the topic. In doing so, students are also expected to thoroughly explain why the framework of their choice best fits or explains the social problem. In the process of completing this tasks, students are expected to explain the shortcomings of the other frameworks while explaining why the framework of their choice is the best to apply to this social problem. Formatting: There is no official (APA/ MLA/ ASA) formatting required for this paper. However, the paper should be no less than 3 and no more than 5 pages, 1 and a quarter inch margins. Again, even though the paper has no referencing requirements, students can feel free to reference information from the text and lecture regarding the topic of interest, and the theoretical framework of choice. IN THE INTRO: INTRODUCE POVERTY ETC ETC AND ANSWER THE QUESTIONS STATED ABOVE make sure to have separate paragraphs regarding how each theoretical framework applies to the topic and answer the questions above In the conclusion basically state the theoretical framework that BEST fits with the topic “ poverty “ etc etc make sure to also include a section where it includes a personal experience ( talk about an experience about me facing poverty at one point or something, make something up please )

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