Arab Open University PT3 Form Tutor-Marked Assignment


Regarding plagiarism:
A. The Arab Open University’s bylaws provide that the following actions constitute instances of plagiarism and cheating:
providing verbatim copies of printed materials as part of TMAs without the appropriate academic acknowledgement and supporting evidence. Copying content verbatim from the web, including tables and pictures copying notes or assignments from other pupils. using materials created for the student by people or organizations, whether they were paid or not.
B. Plagiarism has a variety of consequences, including failure on the TMA and dismissal from the university.

I thus certify that the submitted TMA is entirely original work of mine and that, as stated above, I have not copied or otherwise plagiarized in any way.
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Tutors’ Comments
Name of the instructor: Faculty of Business Studies Return Date
An Introduction to Business Studies First Semester, Fall 2015 (2015–2016) Tutor-Marked Assignment B120
Cut-off Date: December 19, 2015
This TMA will receive a grade out of 100 and account for 20% of the final course grade. There is a case study in the TMA, and you must respond to three questions on it.
less structure Organizational structure and its importance in relation to organizations
Three friends made the decision to launch an organic Meal on Wheels program. They were firmly committed to providing nutritious food to elderly individuals who were living alone. Because of the collaborative and non-profit nature of their business strategy, they choose to divide up all the tasks among themselves. The ordering of supplies, marketing, customer service, packing, delivery, and financial tasks were rotated amongst them.
the initial year
The first year was hectic, thrilling, and prosperous. They began small and developed a loyal clientele. Due to rising word-of-mouth business, they needed two extra workers to cook and deliver meals by the second year. Since there were only five of them, they all gathered for weekly meetings to discuss issues and ideas. Although they joined the team, the new employees made no financial or emotional commitments to the company.
They maintained their success and increased their funding to expand the kitchens, purchase more vehicles, and expand their relationships with people and care facilities. A little social initiative has been transformed into a company by them.
three years later.
They were astonished by these developments, and three years later they recognized the initial plan wasn’t working out so well. Team meetings lasted for hours; there was confusion about who was in charge; the employees they hired were unsure of their roles; and outside agencies, banks, and suppliers were unsure of how to interact with them.
They needed to pick their next course of action and hired a professional in organization design and development. They examined their goals, future plans, working style, staff, and feelings over the course of one day. One of the founding team members opted to step down as a working partner after deciding it was not his career path.
The remaining two split up the task. One was a capable leader and planner, while the other desired to collaborate with both their personnel and consumers. To establish much more definite lines of power and decision-making, they chose to hire a capable finance and administrative professional.
structure was adopted.
They created the functional framework, and their organization adopted it. They created and adhered to the structure as follows:

The organization was able to perform its duties significantly better once it began to adhere to the aforementioned structure. Each employee in the organization now has a clear understanding of their roles as well as their levels of power and authority.
We can observe from this instance that an unplanned organization may experience problems. They had a variety of options available to them once they discovered what the issue was. They might have reduced, expanded, combined with another agency, or changed the product. The most important thing was to return to their original goals and level of devotion. These bases aid in the organization’s structure and provide it with the form and function it requires.
(Source: Used with minor modifications from, retrieved on October 5, 2015)
Respond to the following questions:
Question 1: 35 points
It is argued that a lack of structure causes corporate operations to become disorderly and managers to act carelessly because they constantly try to blame others for problems instead of solving them themselves.
Define the organizational structure and explore some of the issues and difficulties involved in maintaining and operating enterprises without one. Your ideas should be supported by hypothetical instances.

Question 2: 35 points
According to Shtub and R. Karni (2010), official and informal organizations differ from one another. While informal groups are built on shared interests, shared ideas, societal values, feelings, traditions, etc., most formal organizations are founded on a clear definition of responsibility, authority, and accountability.

Define formal and informal structures, and then list some of the benefits of formal company structures. Cite appropriate examples.
Query 3 (30 points)

According to Sikavica (2011), the organizational structure is the most significant component of “visible, formal organization,” whereas “invisible, informal elements of organization” are predominantly associated with organizational culture. Numerous experts think that organizational culture is the crucial component that determines how well a company operates.
Discuss the connection between organizational structure and organizational culture in light of the aforementioned information. Give examples to back up your points.



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