Are there any legal implications the organization will face?

You have now conducted a feasibility report on the preventable error you selected in Week 2 Action Plan assignment. Using the analysis you concluded in the Week 3 Quality Improvement Plan: Justifying Cost assignment, address in further detail what would occur if the issue you selected was not resolved.

Write a 1,050-word APA-formatted analysis in which you answer the following questions:

  • What is the risk to an organization if a problem is not solved?
  • What can occur to the organization’s reputation?
  • Will there be an impact on the quality of performance by the staff?
  • Will there be a direct impact on the retention of staff?
  • Consider how many staff members will remain that are quality employees and how many will leave.
  • Are there any legal implications the organization will face?
  • Considering your research on the Joint Commission, will this have an issue with the Joint Commission and the funds the organization will receive for not addressing the issue?
  • Will this impact the facility’s benchmarks?

Cite and reference all sources.

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