Are there any other constraints that might impact your compensation strategy?

You have been hired as an expert in Total Compensation to help
design a program that will allow your client to attract, motivate,
and retain the right employees with the right skills to help
achieve the organization’s overall objectives. Before you can begin
developing a new structure, you need to understand the underlying
organizational factors that are causing the problems at your
client’s firm, as well as identify potential solutions to those
problems. Your analysis should include the following elements:
1. Identify the contextual variables impacting this firm.
(environment, business strategy, technology, organization size
and nature of the workforce)
2. Identify the structural variables.
(Job design, Coordination and Departmentation, Decision Making
and Leadership, Communication and Information, Control System,
Reward System)
3. Based on the above, describe what managerial strategy the
organization is using.
(the classical managerial strategy/ the human relations
managerial strategy/ the high-involvement managerial strategy)
4. Identify the types of problems they are currently
experiencing in regards to their employees and the kind of employee
behaviors they need to achieve their
(Membership behaviour/ Task behaviour/ Organizational
citizenship behaviour)
5. Describe the various components of your client’s
existing compensation and benefit systems.
(Base pay/ Performance pay/ Indirect pay)
6. Does their current compensation system support the
employee behavior they are looking for? Is it in alignment with
their managerial style?
7. Are there any other constraints that might impact
your compensation strategy?
(Your report should be no more than 1500 words in

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