Are they compatible with the aggressive expansion goals of Widgets Incorporated?

This report covers CLO 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.  This projectcovers how culture impacts components such as products, HRM, and communication and negotiation when firms within a specific industry expand its business overseas.
This report may differ from the requirements from earlier semesters. This will be a challenging, yet rewarding experience as you make a transition from students to contributors to the world of International Business. Your time management skills are important as your CEO does not like reports to be submitted late considering this delays the decision making process for your simulation below.
Also, the CEO prefers soft copies to be submitted, double spaced and professionally formatted with a maximum of fifteen (15) pages which includes a cover page, table of contents and page listing your resources. Your CEO has a limited time to review your findings before submitting a summary to the Board of Directors.
Welcome to Widgets Incorporated. Your company sells one product, widgets. Your single offering has transformed the lives of all people in the UAE and it is time to cross the borders and establish regional distribution in differing countries and continents.
Task and Objective: Develop a global expansion advancement plan. Due to your success in the UAE, the organization is selling widgets and plans to begin global distribution. Based on an analysis from the Marketing Department, your company is planning on expanding to New Zealand
Your aim is to provide a comprehensive report to the CEO that fully details the steps to enter the markets listed above. Unfortunately, your CEO has no knowledge of the business culture in the BigThree nations and their respective cities. Overall, the report to the CEO requires focus on your understanding of culture in the countries targeted for this step and your guidance can mean the difference between success and failure. You need to inform the CEO of the capabilities of the managers and workers. Are they compatible with the aggressive expansion goals of Widgets Incorporated?
You will need a minimum of 15 references from credible sources. Per HCT policy, our program requires all written reports to be presented in APA method. Please access Purdue Owl if you have any questions while providing your comprehensive analysis.

Here are the requirements for your task. Please read each section carefully.

Part One – Opening: (CLO 1, 2)
Present an opening statement that emphasizes the need for this expansion and why you feel your chosen countries are deserving of further analysis.
Write minimum of One page , three paragrahs.
Why do you need to expand?
Why this country deserve your widget expansion?

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Part Two – Challenges: (CLO 2)
Provide the CEO with a detailed list of 2 challenges that are you expecting to face during the expansion into the Big Three countries. As this is the first time your company ventures into a foreign market, make sure that you explain in details these challenges and why you are expecting to face them.
Two big (major) challenges for each country. Explain
Part Three – Communications: (CLO3)
Communication is an essential and a critical component in the success of the operations. Communication styles vary from one culture to another and hence could create misunderstanding and a lot of conflicts.
Start by explaining to the CEO, the different style of communications as he is only used to the communication style in the UAE. Do not just explain these style; however, you need to emphasize the elements of effective cross cultural communication styles. Furthermore, explain two (2) barriers that could hinder communication. The CEO is also expecting you to include three (3) critical recommendations for effective communication in your report to help in reducing failures.
Style of communication   (Chapter 7,  pages 55-56)
Elements of effective cross cultural communications (page 58)
2 barriers ( pages 59-61)
Write 3 critical recommendations  (page 62)
Part Four – Negotiations: (CLO 4)
As the CEO and his team of managers are used to negotiating in the UAE, he has asked you to prepare a report on the cultural differences present in each of the Big Four that could affect negotiations.  In this essential part of the report on the Big Three, he would like you to provide him with the following:

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