Are you able to collaborate, organize, and implement a team effort?

This project concerns data collection, analysis, and interpretation. It also involves coding and automation by using a microcontroller and sensors. Data science or data analytics is a topic in industrial engineering, and automation is a topic in electrical, computer, and mechanical engineering. You are now introduced to concepts you may study in greater depth later in your engineering curriculum. In addition, you may think of this project as a test of what you have learned in the previous project: Are you able to collaborate, organize, and implement a team effort? Can your team communicate ideas clearly, follow instructions, and meet deadlines?
1-I’ve attached the grading rubric for the introudction see what they ask and write about you have to introduce each upcoming section and write project objectives introduction should be 1 page. see the files attached. you have to include in the introudction each upcoming section. probelm definition, software algorithm, coding, and data analysis. its about collecting data how many people enter the room in and out and you can also include these thing in the introduction Analyzing foot traffic.

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