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One of the most contentious business issues of the day is the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The next administration will decide in a few weeks whether to accept or reject the deal.

Make a succinct (3–4 paragraph) case for or against ratification of the TPP using your most compelling arguments.

You will break down and draw your argument using the conventions from the text and lectures on a separate page.

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Arguments in favor of or against the treaty will not earn points. You will receive points for how your argument is put together and for showing that you understand how it is put together. The evaluation criteria are provided below.

The accompanying files contain some references for further reading on the TPP.
Copies of the TPP agreement are available at:
Elements Upper management Rubric Entry Level Mid Management
Describe the concept (conclusion) Clearly and succinctly stating your position.

Clear but not succinct exposition of your conclusion (2 Marks).

(1 Marks) Your argument’s conclusion is not clear.

(No points) Premises well-stated, reliable, and full premises support Your conclusion.
(3 Marks) All of the premises are given clearly and completely, yet some are tenuous or unbelievable. Premises support conclusions.
One or two marks The relationship between the premises and the conclusion is unclear; the premises may be partial or imprecise.
(0 Marks)
grammar and usage No grammatical or spelling errors.

One grammatical or spelling error is worth two marks.

(1 Mark) Two or more grammatical or spelling errors.

(0 Marks)
Diagram Your argument has been thoroughly and specifically dissected.
(4-5 Marks) Your diagram and/or dissection are vague and lacking in detail.
(1-3 Marks) No diagram or dissection.



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