Argumentative essay
please read that article and write an argumentative essay.
Use this thesis –
As Ronald M. Green asserts in his article, “Building Baby From the Genes Up,” genetic modification science
will help to create a healthier generation of people.
Description: This should be written in 3rd person and argue the points focused on proving the thesis statement.
You may use both articles if you’d like, using one to support your side of the argument and the other to show
what the other side might say and why that is wrong.
DO NOT simply repeat all of the points the author is making about the topic, as that would be plagiarism. You
must expand upon the statements and use the articles as support for your own argument. Expand upon the
concepts outlined in the thesis statement you’re using. Don’t just use the same ideas that are in the article, but
what others can you think of? How might the arguments in the articles support those thoughts?

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