Art Analysis of Oath of Horatii by Jaques-Louis David


Oath of Horatii (artwork piece to analyze)

Form describes the physical properties of the work. Visual form includes and incorporates the medium and the material used to create and design the artwork. Visual form also includes the Elements of Design and the Principles of Organization. First introduce the work and state your thesis. Then you describe what you see in the work (the subject matter). What is depicted? Then using the Elements of Design (Line, Shape, Color, Texture, Space, Time and Motion) and Principles of Organization (Balance, Scale, Unity, Variety, Emphasis, Subordination, Focal Point, Rhythm); explore composition and form- what type of lines are used, how is color used, how are shapes and forms placed in the composition, etc… Then discuss style and techniques- Is the work naturalistic, abstract, Impressionistic, Pop Art? What kind of brush strokes does the artist use? What kind of space is depicted? All of these discussions fall under the concept of form.  

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