Performing Arts

Give a visual study of the museum-chosen artworks. A one-sided description. What does it seem like? Use as many words as possible to describe the artwork, including the medium, format, texture, color scheme, perspective used, etc. Observe the museum and take careful notes!
What is it made of? What, for instance, is the artist trying to say—humor, misery, societal commentary? How do YOU feel about this?
Give a brief history of the works. STYLE: You’ll learn the following by researching the art’s style and school: If the artwork is a landscape by Thomas Moran from the 19th century, for example, explain the fundamentals of the artist’s style, the historical period, and the school of painting associated with the artist. Incorporate the work of a comparable artist into your presentation.
4-Basic information about the medium, such as blown or cast glass (additional technical information is helpful, such as blown glass, carved and sandblasted; figurative or abstract); for ceramic, thrown or constructed, use of glazes or textures, is required if the artwork is made of glass or ceramic textures).



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