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SW 3701
Assignment #1
Article Review #1
Students will select one out of several possible articles which are posted on Blackboard for this
Assignment. Each ofthe articles is from a scholarly journal used by social workers and other
professionals to gain knowledge about specific populations and intervention methods.
Content of Article Review – The paper is 2-3 typed pages long. Briefly introduce the
topic and summarize the article. Discuss the significance of the article for
understanding human development and connect it to topics or concepts discussed in course
readings or in class. Discuss possible applications of the article to social work practice, and any
limitations there might be to its usefulness or applicability. You may give a brief example from
personal experience or observation* that demonstrates the usefulness of the concepts in the
article or that challenges their validity or usefulness, but do not give any information regarding
the identity of the persons you describe. (*Maintain the confidentiality of other persons whether
you know them personally or professionally. You may identify yourself as the person observed,
or discuss yourself in the third person.)
Format – This is a 2-3 page, typed, stapled, double spaced paper with an additional cover page and a “Reference(s)” section at the end. Number pages. Cite and include in Reference(s) the article you are reviewing. You are not required to refer to other sourcesbesides the article you are reviewing; however, you may want to cite the Hutchison text or an additional source you consulted. Use APA style to give the proper citation once for your article when you first introduce it as the subject of your paper. Afterwards, you do not need to cite it again, as long as it is clear that you are continuing to discuss the same article, except when you directly quote from it, and then cite and give the page number of the quotation.
Grading Rubric – This Review is graded on the basis of a possible 100 points. The criteria are: following the specific guidelines for the assignment, quality of writing (grammar, organization, etc.), degree of understanding of main concepts in the article, and thoughtful reflection regarding relevance to social work. The assignment counts towards 12% of the final grade.

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