Pick a cultural artifact that represents either the material or the non-material culture shaping you and reminds you that youre a part of a broader society beyond the individual level. Take a picture of it if possible/convenient, or share a link, and describe it with few sentences. Artifacts can be drawn from popular culture, media, literature, art, drama, daily life, your personal history -a tattoo, a toy etc.) or history in general. For example, while a rap song can be an artifact that represents the subculture, micro-culture, counterculture, or global culture that you are affiliated with, a face mask can also be a good one that illustrates how the global culture has changed drastically.
Then respond to the following questions:
– 1.How does your cultural artifact influence your way of life and the way you interact with others both in verbal and nonverbal ways? Is it helping or not helping you to fit in with norms? How would your behavior be different if this cultural artifact did not exist?
– 2.How would one of the theories of culture (Symbolic interaction, Structural-functional,Conflict, Middle-range theories) in the course book, explain the cultural artifact youve picked? Choose one of them and tell.


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