Artificial Neural Network-Machine Learning- Probit Model

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How do artificial neural networks work?

2. How does a model of an artificial neural network operate? How do independent inputs and dependent output relate to one another?

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3. What is the procedure for training? Please cite all of the graphs using Harvard style for the graphic explanation.

4. What is the neural network’s structure?

5. Describe the limits of research that used artificial neural networks to forecast real estate markets and cycles. What are its advantages?

6. Artificial Neural Network Components? Input? Output?

Explaining the model’s input and output?

8. Feedforward neural networks

9. What Is A Feedforward Neural Network?

What is a multilayer perceptron, exactly? What is its mathematical representation?

11. How robust is a neural network?

12. Explaining the Matlab Neural Network Toolbox.

13. LM/LM/



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