As far as personal, academic and professional growth is concerned ethics can be conceptualized as doing what is right without supervision

Discussion on Ethics
As far as personal, academic and professional growth is concerned ethics can be conceptualized as doing what is right without supervision. At personal level ethics means following individual standards that an individual has established. For example ethics under personal perspective can be considered as obeying to what in required by school like avoiding plagiarism in academic works. Johnson (2018) argues that at academic level, ethics is display of the desired behavior and avoiding violating rules. Ethics is for both personal and professional growth is where individual embrace integrity by treating others irrespective of tribe, race, financial and cultural aspects, (Gilligan, 2018).
I have encountered an ethical dilemma by working with an employer who operated his organization unsuccessfully. The challenge for this employer was based on not only time but also the management of staff. I could wonder whether this boss possessed ethical values or not. This issue was solved by leaving the office the moment the work was done even without the employer’s consent. Sometimes I could stay longer in the office if the job was urgent and vital to resolve this issue.
My general education course has influenced my ethical value in different ways. The general education has sharpened my perspective on ethics and an ethical person. The course has made me to the desired ethics ranging from personal, academic to professional perspective. The course also has enlightened me on all the basic ethics that are required in different fields.
It my opinion that a college-educated person is just the same as the one who is not educated in terms of performing different duties. However, the college educated person is able to understand some job obligation that uneducated person. The reason behind this argument is that the knowledge that is possessed by the college-educated people will influence their actions. Different duties influences in the society are influenced by people’s actions which are acquired through education.
Response to peer 1
I am really pleased by this post. The post provided clear definition of what ethic is and how it is applicable to personal, academic and professional growth. I agree with the post that, ethics can be acquired through education as they embrace high level of integrity not only in school but also in the society. I can add that the ethics creates personality. The post has drawn my interest on the way ethics influences individual actions. However, what is the implication of poor ethics at personal, academic and professional levels?
Response to peer 2
The post is very fascinating at a glance on the way it show how educated people and those who are not educated can be differentiated by considering their ethics. I must agree with the post on ethics and moral development sharpens individual performance in work place. I can comment that, where ethics are not adhered to then an ethical dilemma occurs. This post is a good one and can be used by show the impact of desired ethics at personal, academic and professional growth. But how can one deal with the ethical dilemma in workplace? Based on my consideration about ethics, there is a need for further research answer this question.
Gilligan, C. (2018). Moral Orientation and Moral Development [1987]. In Justice and care (pp. 31-46). Routledge.
Johnson, C. E. (2018). Organizational ethics: A practical approach. Sage Publications.

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