As noted above, prior to beginning work on this assignment, please complete the assigned readings and access and review the required websites.

Administration for Transportation Security (TSA)

As stated above, please finish the given readings and visit and examine the necessary websites before starting work on this assignment. As a follow-up to the interactive assignment from Week One, kindly complete the items listed below. You will return to the position at the organization you selected in Week One: Administration for Transportation Security (TSA).

For this second section of the interactive project, include the following using the memorandum document you made in Week One:

Review the peer review(s) you received in Week One with regard to paragraphs 1 through 3 in the following paragraphs. Include at least one change (the change could apply to one or more of your first three paragraphs), and then use the “text highlight color” function to draw attention to it. Describe how the change enhances the original work’s quality or clarity. In paragraph four, discuss the author’s conclusions in light of the study’s goal. Describe the extent to which the findings shed light on efficient response strategies for homeland security. In light of the author’s conclusions in paragraph 5, explain how policy implications relate to duties and obligations across agencies at different levels of jurisdiction that reduce hostilities, threats, risks, and consequences. Additionally, describe how the author’s results relate to the objectives of the agency you have chosen. Conclusion: This section should describe how the article’s results influence the agency’s policy-making process. Think about how the article’s arguments and conclusions relate to the agency’s organizational goals. Finally, list at least one pertinent research question that is linked to this article but is not addressed in it. Then, explain how your research question connects to the goals of this agency’s organizational structure. Post the note in full as your first submission. To sum up, the introduction, paragraphs one through five, the conclusion, and a correctly mentioned reference should all be included in the memorandum’s final edition. Furthermore, adjustments based on comments from peers and/or instructors should be indicated in paragraphs 1, 2, and/or 3.

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