asp net assignment

In a similar fashion to the screenshots from the lecture notes, please do the following:

  • Add a breakpoint to your Assignment 1 code-behind (.cs file) in a sensible location.
  • Execute your code, halting at the breakpoint created in the above step.
  • Hover-over a variable or property, displaying its run-time value.

To successfully complete this assignment, attach screenshots showing proof of the above.

For this assignment, you will modify your Assignment 1 submission. Using server-side validation (i.e., validation that occurs within the code-behind [.cs]), validate that the textbox input is numeric in nature where appropriate. In other words, disallow any non-numeric input using server-side code. If the input is valid, continue the calculation as expected. If the input is non-numeric in nature and, thus, invalid:

  • Do not perform the calculation as expected
  • Display an error message on the page, preferably in a label control.

For full credit, the calculation must take place in the application happy path, and the code to display the error message must be in the sad/exception path.

Turn in the assignment via eCampus by the due date, following normal assignment submission procedures.


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