Assessing Brand Equity

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Assessing Brand Equity

This written assignment will be a type written word document . This paper will be a minimum of 3 pages. Directions: By using elements presented in the chapter 8, you will assess the brand strength of a professional sport franchise of your choosing and describe what makes them great or why they like them. Then, you will identify a major competitor of the brand and compare these competing brands in terms of positioning. Are they positioned differently? What are the points of inequality? What are the points of similarity? All materials turned in for class credit MUST be typed, double-spaced, appropriately referenced and grammatically correct. All writing assignments though may not specifically state is to be min 3 pages and 500 per page words, APA formatted, not to include title, abstract, conclusion, reference and appendices (if required) pages. Upon completion, save and upload.

Your paper will be submitted to originality check through SafeAssign, a Blackboard tool that compares students’ assignments against Web sources worldwide and productions of other students


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