Assessment Final for Unit 1

To get ready for this assignment, watch the following succinct video from the American Medical Association titled “Health Literacy and Patient Safety: Help Patients Understand.” The following link will take you to the video:

Chapter 1: Pamphlet

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1. Create a brochure to educate parents and other caregivers about the environment’s potential impact on the baby’s health.
2. To construct your booklet, go to the “Pamphlet Template” template. Consist of the following:
3. Decide on an environmental element that endangers the health or safety of young children.
4. Describe how the environmental component you chose may have an impact on an infant’s health or safety.
5. Make suggestions for accident prevention and safety promotion in relation to the chosen environmental element and the well-being or security of young children.
6. Present cases, remedies, and recommendations based on research that is supported by the facts. There must be a minimum of three academic sources.
7. Give readers access to two local resources, one federal resource, and one online site. Give a succinct description of each resource and its contact details.
8.Be aware of your target audience’s level of healthcare literacy while you design your leaflet.

Part II: Sharing Experience with Pamphlets
1. Give a parent of an infant kid a copy of the brochure you’ve created. The parent could be someone from your neighborhood, a parent of a young child from a local daycare center, or a parent from a different organization, like a church group you belong to.
2. Offer a written account of the teaching/learning exchange. In your summary, mention:
3. Demographic data regarding the parent and child (age, gender, race, and level of education).
4. Describe how parents reacted to instruction.
5. Evaluation of parental comprehension.
6. Your opinions of the experience, including what worked well and what needs to be improved.

Before the end of Topic 1, turn in Parts I and II of the Accident Prevention and Safety Promotion for Parents and Caregivers of Infants assignment.

In-text citations and references should be given according to APA documentation rules, which can be found in the APA Style Guide, which can be found in the Student Success Center, even though APA format is not needed for the body of this project. Instead, academic solid writing is requested.

The task is graded using a rubric. Before starting the task, please examine the rubric to familiarize yourself with the criteria for success.



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