Asset Based Community Development

Your task is to conduct an asset-based community assessment. Your primary aim is to identify community assets, but you will also identify areas of need or concern that you encounter as you look for assets. For each need or concern, identify assets (people, organizations, physical space, and other resources) that could be mobilized to address the concern or need. Note: This is not a community development assignment. The focus of the project is asset-based assessment only. This distinction is important. Identifying assets is an essential part of community development, but community development is a larger process. Also, this was a two part paper. However, the first part of the paper is completed. I have attached a copy of the first part of the paper. Please build the second part of the paper to go along with the first part of the paper. The first part of the paper included the introduction and the description of the community which is done. You can start with the purpose of the paper and continue from there. Also I have attached the full instructions of this assignment. Lastly, please head all sections of this paper with headings.

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